RAPID® Komprex

Rapid Komprex are used for timber to timber and steel to timber connections.

1 | Milling pockets & head geometryKomprex Image

Milling pockets underneath the screw-head for an optimal countersinking:

  • smooth-working
  • material preserving
  • ideal also for metal fittings

Alternative Head Typ: Washer Head

2 | Friction part

The friction part reduces the drive-in resistance.

3 | Hi-Lo-Thread

According to leading technological standards:

  • Hi-Lo-Thread for energy saving install with improved unscrewing values
  • Double-start thread for quicker in-screwing times

4 | Tip

Patented compactor tip:

  • Quicker in its bite at reduced installation torque
  • reduced splitting effect
  • no pre-drill necessary

Available sizes

Rapid® Komprex are available in 8 x 80 to 10 x 500 mm.


Additional information

Head Geometry
Shank Geometry
Thread Geometry
Tip Geometry