The wall prop that construction workers like! Developed because we noticed that a lot of wall props on the market was not developed for the booming market of prefabricated wooden elements and especially cross-laminated timber (CLT).



  • If you have been using two-by-fours or wall props designed for prefabricated concrete elements we promise you that Stedox® Support will increase the efficiency when you are assembling your projects.
  • Stedox® wall props have been developed to require a minimal amount of manpower to assemble the walls. A lot of contractors have been surprised by the speed and ease of using Stedox® Support.
  • Easily adjusted to the desired rough length by using the telescopic function and locking pin. The fine adjustment and handle are used to set the wall straight. The fine adjustment has a stop-function that prevents the wall prop from being disassembled.


  • Easy fastening that shortens the construction time The mounting supports have a total of 14 holes, which makes it very easy to find an appropriate hole for fastening the support in the wall and floor.
  • Rough adjustments are done quickly with lock pins, meaning you need fewer builders on-site The simplicity of the rough adjustment makes it possible for just one builder to have complete control of the wooden element.
  • 300 mm fine adjustment that makes it easy to adjust the wall straight After attaching the mounting support the length of the support is fine-adjusted by rotating the support clockwise or counterclockwise. The length changes 5 mm per 360° rotation.
  • Sturdy, yet lightweight and easy-to-use make the work fun and efficient The wall supports are designed to be easy to handle which makes the assembly fun and efficient.
  • Extra sturdy handles make adjusting the wall super easy The extra sturdy handle enables you to assemble and adjust hundreds of supports per day without getting your hands tired. The handle has a diameter of 21,3 mm and measures 140 mm in length.
  • The stop function makes the work safer and prevents accidents Stedox® wall props have a built-in stop function preventing the threads from being screwed out by mistake.
  • Double rust protection ensures a long lifetime for the wall props All our products are hot-dip galvanized and painted to maximize the life-span of the products. The double rust protection implies the endurance of moist and cold conditions.
  • Stedox® colorful wall supports are easily visible on the construction site The yellow color symbolizes optimism, joy, and energy. The yellow color is also very easy to observe. That’s why we at Stedox® have chosen a color that enlivens the construction site and makes the builders a little happier.