F3 Timber Technologies

Takes buildings to new heights

Natural wood is a great sustainable resource that has been a reliable material for decades-if not centuries. Mass timber construction uses prefab panels of engineered wood products (EWP) for walls, floors, roofs, and more. This can be extremely beneficial when building large projects such as skyscapes because mass timber is a sustainable material that helps eliminate the waste of wood products.


We pride ourselves on our sustainable, innovative and high-quality products.

F3 timber technologies glued rods imbeds

Quality durable products and services

F3 Timber Technologies creates durable products that assist with the connection design for mass timber products and systems, like the The Malahat Skywalk. We pride ourselves on our products’ durability and how our products assist projects in becoming more sustainable.

Create, design, and enjoy

We are passionate about sustainable resources and materials. Because of this, we offer equipment rentals, as well as rentals of our CRUX Bracket System, Wood Turnbuckle, and accessories.

We also offer sequencing and logistics consultation. Our experience working on mass timber buildings has given us insight into wood materials and building and working with them..

Why mass timber

Wood is a beautiful material that can suit many different types of projects and designs. If well maintained and made of quality materials, the maintenance on wood is minimal. Prefabricated wood panels are one of the ways that mass timber can be a great addition to your house or any project.

We are constantly evolving

F3 Timber Technologies is constantly working on product design and innovation. Currently, some of our products are still in the development stage. If you are curious about learning more about us and what we do, contact us to learn about how you can support our future endeavours.