RAPID® Fullthread

Fully threaded screws are used for timber to timber connections.

1 | Head geometryFull Thread Screw Details

Cylinder head:

  • Reduced split effect
  • Deep countersinking of the head is possible

Countersunk head:

  • Ideal for connecting steel components

2 | Thread

Full thread optimized for more efficient installation:

  • Excellent pull-out values
  • Excellent pressure values
  • Maximum load-bearing capacity

3 | Tip

With patented half-tip, partially combined with compactor tip:

  • Reduced edge distance
  • Minimized blast effect
  • Improved service life of the driving device thanks to 50 percent lower fastening torque
  • No pre-drilling required
  • Quick bite even when drilling in inclined position

Available sizes

RAPID® Fullthread are available in 8 x 120 to 12 x 1000 mm.


Additional information

Head Geometry
Thread Geometry
Tip Geometry