RAPID® Secure

Rapid Secure is designed to install screws without stripping the drive.

1 | Bit TX40 resp. TX50

2 | Drive shaft

3 | Holding element

4 | Power tool adapter


The RAPID® Secure screw in device is a completely new technology to drive a screw safely in timber construction projects. This solution helps to ensure a secure, effortlessly and fast installation of long timber construction screws with all kinds of screwdrivers.

The countersunk head is fixed and has a secure connection between the screw and the RAPID® Secure.
The RAPID® Secure avoid slipping off the bit and prevent pressing the screw against timber.
Driving screws gets very secure and easy with this new technology.

The RAPID® Secure can be used with conventional timber construction screws and grant your employees security even with unfavourable install positions.

Your benefit by using RAPID® Secure:

> Increased safety for your employees
> The screw is firmly seated on the bit – pressing is not necessary
> Simplification of screw connections in difficult and dangerous work positions and situations

The RAPID® Secure is available in two sizes L and XL. The appropriate screws for the respective screw in tool can be found in the operating instructions:

Operating instruction_rapid_secure_l

Operating instruction_rapid_secure_xl



Additional information

Head Geometry Counter Sunk
Shank Geometry
Thread Geometry
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